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Cell strainer

Easy-to-use device, strong nylon mesh로 이루어져 있으며 3개의 pore size 선택 가능

Single cell isolation
Stem cell, Primary cell 적용 가능

모든 50ml centrifuge tub에 적용 가능


• Faster, easier alternative to gauze filtration
• Ideal for preparation of flow cytometry samples, including:
— Single cell suspensions of blood cells from marrow, pancreas, thymus, tonsil, and lymph nodes
— Stem cells, tissue-derived cells, and cancer cells
— Preparation of specimens for primary cell cultures and immunogens
— Preparation of freezing stocks
— Filtering agglutinative proteins produced in inactivation serum


품번 Pore size Color Qty/Pk Qty/Cs 수량 체크
431750 40um Blue
431751 70um White
431752 100um Yellow